Portfolio Company Information

Yugen Partners actively invests in early- and growth-stage opportunities, via equity financing rounds. We are currently focused on companies that are leveraging blockchain technology to serve the enterprise world. In addition, we look closely at companies that can demonstrate that their product is serving a problem which exists today and convey a salient go-to-market strategy. Our core portfolio investments tend to be in companies which have successfully completed, or are in later stages of, a proof of concept with clients. Yugen Partners will also selectively consider seed-stage opportunities which are highly compelling. In general, our investments tend to have the following characteristics:

  • This is a project which solves a problem—not a solution looking for a problem.

  • Industry experts are involved in the project, not just a group of “techies.”

  • Representative revenue!  Clients identified/agreed to use product, or currently in small-scale usage.

 If you feel your company meets the previous criteria, please reach out to us at research@yugenpartners.com.

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